Level 5 Data Engineer

Level 5 Data Engineer

The purpose of the occupation is to build systems that collect, manage, and convert data into usable information for data scientists, data analysts and business intelligence analysts to interpret. A data engineer’s main aim is to make data accessible and valid so that an organisation can use it to evaluate and optimise their performance. The role of the data engineer is pivotal to any organisation; it ensures that data pipelines are established to support data scientists and other business stakeholders. A data engineer will be able to gather requirements for data solutions, and they demonstrate and articulate data solutions to stakeholders in a way that can be easily understood. Data engineering encompasses a range of activities from collecting data to employing various data processing frameworks, including but not limited to ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and collaborating with data scientists and other data-centric roles. The EPA is the culmination of the Apprentice’s training programme and provides them the opportunity to demonstrate the full range of knowledge, skills and behaviours in the published standard. You can find the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education assessment plan here.

End Point Assessment


Having completed a minimum of 12 months on programme training and completed the required amount of off-the-job hours specified by the apprenticeship funding rules, the apprentice will undertake a Professional discussion and a Project evaluation report, presentation and question session.

  • 01. Application

    Once the Employer has decided to use the Academy4PM for the EPA of their learner, the Employer will be required to complete and submit the Academy4PM EPA Application Form which activates the EPA process and initiates EPA for the Apprentice.

  • 02. Submission

    At Gateway, this EPA requires the submission of a Project Brief by the Apprentice in electronic form, which is to be signed off by the EPAO.

  • 03. Review

    The assessor panel, once selected and any identified conflicts of interest have been resolved, will review the submitted documentation in preparation for the professional discussion and project evaluation report, presentation and questions.

  • 04. Panel

    The assessment will be led by an Academy4PM assessor who will act as independent assessor, and may include representatives from the employer or learning provider free of any direct conflict of interest. The assessor panel will contain members who have:

    • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the apprenticeship standard
    • Recent relevant experience of the occupation or sector to at least occupational level 6 gained in the last 5 years or significant experience of the occupation or sector

    The Academy4PM assessor will have the final decision on grading.

  • 05. Assessment

    The EPA will assess the full range of knowledge, skills and behaviours listed in the published Standard utilising the following:

    • Project evaluation report with presentation and questions lasting 50 minutes. This will typically include a presentation of 20 minutes and questioning lasting 30 minutes
    • Professional Discussion lasting 80 minutes

    The above is an opportunity for the apprentice to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and behaviours required in their day-to-day work.

Academy4PM End Point Assessment Process

Final Outcome

Once the lead Assessor has concluded the Apprentices Professional Discussion and Project, presentation and questioning, the Assessor Panel will review and finalise their marks and provide the Academy4PM with an overall grading recommendation. Both assessment methods are weighted equally in their contribution to final EPA grade.

All EPA methods must be passed for the EPA to be passed overall. Apprentices must gain a pass in both methods to gain a pass overall. Apprentices must gain a distinction in both assessment methods to gain a distinction overall.


If the Apprentice does not achieve initial EPA, detailed feedback on Learning Areas for improvement will be provided to the Apprentice (via the Employer) with the end result. Apprentices should have a supportive action plan to prepare for the re-sit or a re-take. An apprentice who fails an assessment method, and therefore the EPA in the first instance, will be required to re-sit or re-take any failed assessment methods only. The apprentice will get a maximum EPA grade of pass for a re-sit or re-take, unless the EPAO determines there are exceptional circumstances.

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