Level 4 Data Analyst

Level 4 Data Analyst

The EPA is designed to enable Apprentices and demonstrate that they are fully conversant in the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected of individuals at this level. It is also designed to provide assessors with a holistic view of the apprentice's capability, and to allow them to assess to what extent the apprentice meets or exceeds the apprenticeship standard.

End Point Assessment


Having completed a minimum 12 months on programme training, the apprentice will have presented a Summative Portfolio which covers the totality of the standard. They will also have completed a Synoptic Project, which gives the apprentice the opportunity to undertake a business-related project away from the workplace. An employer reference will be obtained to validate the information submitted in the portfolio and project. A structured interview will then take place which explores what has been produced in the portfolio and project, along with how it has been produced.

  • 01. Application

    Once the Employer has decided to use Academy4PM for the EPA for their learner, the employer will be required to complete and submit the Academy4PM EPA Application Form. This will activate the EPA process and initiates the EPA for the apprentice.

  • 02. Submission

    The EPA requires the submission of the Summative Portfolio the apprentice to Academy4PM between 1 week and 1 month prior to the EPA date in electronic form. If the apprentice wishes to submit a full paper-based copy of the documents, 3 copies will be need to be provided. Delivery dates are agreed in advance between the employer (or their representative) and us. The Synoptic Project will be submitted 1 week before the agreed EPA delivery date.

  • 03. Review

    The Summative Portfolio is reviewed by our IQA for completeness. The assessor, once selected and any identified conflicts of interest have been resolved, will review the portfolio during this period. The Assessor will generate questions for the interview based on the portfolio and project.

  • 04. Panel

    The assessor will be an individual who demonstrates:

    • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the apprenticeship standard
    • The ability to contextualise the relevant work-based project(s)
    • Current, relevant occupational knowledge and expertise, which has been gained through “hands on” experience in the profession within the last 5 years.

    The Academy4PM assessor will have the final decision on grading.

  • 05. Assessment

    The EPA Delivery Day will consist of a Structured Interview and last a minimum of 1 hour. The Summative Portfolio and Synoptic Project will have been evaluated prior to the interview with questions developed to test the Apprentice’s understanding. The EPA will also provide a means of ensuring that the work completed by the Apprentice is their own.

Academy4PM End Point Assessment Process

Final Outcome

Once the Assessor has concluded the Apprentice’s Professional Discussion, the Assessor will review and finalise their marks and provide the Academy4PM with an overall grading recommendation. Each Learning Area is marked out of 5.

There are three sets of criteria on which the assessment and grading is made, they are:

  • The What: what the apprentice has shown they can do.
  • The How: the way in which the work has been done.
  • The With Whom: the personal and interpersonal qualities the apprentice has brought to all their work relationships.

Each of these criteria has minimum requirements, which must be satisfied for a pass.

Each of these criteria has a number of dimensions which should be considered to determine if the apprentice is significantly above the minimum level of quality in this occupation.

That is, for each of the three criteria there are two levels: the expected level and a level that is significantly above this.


If the apprentice does not achieve initial EPA, detailed feedback on criteria for improvement will be provided to the Apprentice (via Employer) by the Assessor with the end result.

If the Apprentice feels that they can address the areas for improvement identified and feels confident that a quick re-submission would be beneficial, the Employer may request Academy4PM to undertake a re-assessment of the Apprentice based on the previous submission. This must be undertaken within three months of the initial assessment. In this case, the Assessor will only focus on the areas where the apprentice required improvement.

The Assessor is provided by the Academy4PM and will be undertaken via video conferencing facilities. Any re-assessment after 3 months will require a new EPA to be undertaken with a new assessor.

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